Rapidly rising hip-hop collective 41 (TaTa Kyle Richh) unleash the energetic music video for their new single “Cuz We Did. Watch HERE. It graces the group’s buzzing 2023 compilation, 41 Ways. Listen HERE via RiteOrWrongKVH Entertainment/Republic Records. The accompanying video for “Cuz We Did” finds TaTa and Kyle Richh back in school. They lock into a rapid-fire lyrical back-and-forth punctuated by hard-hitting choruses and razor-sharp bars. They turn up in the high school as classmates surround them and cheer on the mayhem. Right out of the gate, the visual evokes classic videos from the back in the day with its setting and spirit. It also just paves the way for more to come. Last month, 41 served up 41 Ways, which has piled up tens of millions of streams already. Stay tuned for more news and announcements from 41 very soon. This is the year of 41

About 41
Hailing from all corners of Brooklyn, the collective known as 41 is bringing a new energy to hip-hop that will undoubtedly spark worldwide acclaim. Members Kyle Richh, Jenn Carter, and TaTa have all made noise in the streets individually, yet when they mobilize it’s a whole different playing field. The trio met over the course of their respective careers, while they were forging their own paths and found a mutual commonality in the studio in the midst of Brooklyn’s burgeoning Drill movement. The unification of the group formally happened with “41 Cypher,” a hard-hitting posse cut that showed promise from all three artists. Joined by other BK affiliates, the song truly proved what could happen when Kyle Richh, TaTa, and Jenn Carter volleyed bars amongst each other. It’s not hard to spot the chemistry that runs through 41. With Kyle Richh’s lyrical style, TaTa’s high energy, and Jenn Carter’s sharp wordplay, each member brings something different yet valuable to the table.  With unique styles and unbridled teamwork, 41 is geared to make noise in Brooklyn Drill and beyond. FOLLOW 41 Instagram41 | Jenn Carter | Kyle Richh | TaTa TikTokJenn Carter | Kyle Richh | TaTa YouTube: Jenn Carter | Kyle Richh | TaTa