Luca Draccar

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Luca Draccar, a distinguished graduate of the Bauhaus Universität Weimar’s faculty of Gestaltung, specializing in multimedia communication and interactive design, has unveiled his latest creative venture, “LECLIPSE.” This mesmerizing musical project fuses his passion for music, technology, and innovation, rooted in his formative years spent in the vibrant creative environment of Weimar, Germany.

From his early introduction to a Macintosh computer and the influence of his like-minded peers, Luca Draccar’s artistic journey began to take shape. His insatiable curiosity led him to leave behind his tranquil village in the heart of Italy and embark on a transformative academic and creative pursuit at the University of Politecnico in Milan, where he delved into the realms of digital design and visual communication.

Simultaneously, Luca Draccar honed his DJing skills in the dynamic nightlife scene of Milan, performing at clubs and even underground rave parties. His unique blend of creativity and technical prowess caught the attention of industry experts, propelling him to new heights.

Draccar’s dedication and artistic vision earned him a prestigious scholarship opportunity, prompting him to relocate to Germany. He continued his studies at the illustrious Bauhaus Universität and the University of Music Franz Liszt in Weimar, further refining his multifaceted talents.

In a recent statement, Luca Draccar mused, “No one can stare at the sun as it shines, but everyone can look at it during the eclipse.” With these profound words, he introduces “LECLIPSE,” a musical project that captures the essence of celestial phenomena and nocturnal intrigue. The album’s immersive soundscapes evoke the mysterious allure of acid nocturnal owls, weaving a sonic tapestry of ethereal melodies and pulsating rhythms.

Luca Draccar

“What we call an eclipse is nothing more than a kiss between the sun and the moon,” Draccar explains, symbolizing the synergy between his multifaceted artistry and the celestial inspiration behind “LECLIPSE,” where the letter ‘L’ itself takes on a significant role in the project’s narrative.

“LECLIPSE” is not merely an album; it is a sensory journey through Luca Draccar’s artistic evolution, drawing from his diverse experiences across Italy and Germany. The project promises to captivate listeners, inviting them to explore the immersive world of Luca Draccar’s music and the boundless creativity he has harnessed over the years.

About Luca Draccar:

Luca Draccar is a multifaceted artist known for his innovative work in multimedia communication and interactive design. A graduate of Bauhaus Universität Weimar and the University of Music Franz Liszt in Weimar, Draccar’s unique blend of music, technology, and creativity has earned him recognition in the global music and art scene. His latest project, “LECLIPSE,” is a testament to his ongoing commitment to pushing artistic boundaries.